Why Continuous Guttering Beats Conventional Plastic Guttering Every Time

By far and away the most common type of guttering you’ll find installed on homes across the United Kingdom is the conventional, sectioned, plastic variety. This is largely due to the fact that most of the public aren’t aware that there are superior alternatives on the market. In this blog, we look at one [...]

Provide Pure Rain Water for Your Garden With Seamless Gutter Rainwater Collection

If there’s one thing that there’s plenty of in the United Kingdom, it’s rain. It’s the reason why trees, bushes and grasses here are so rich, lush and green. So, with this much natural water available, it’s surprising that so many of us still use the mains water for our gardens, especially as rainwater is [...]

Gutters – The Unsung Heroes

Gutters may not at first glance be seen as the most important visual element of a property but first you should consider our typically wet British weather. If your gutters are not working properly then damage to your property can ensue, leaving the property looking old, tired and flaky whilst also leaving you with [...]