Concrete Gutter Repair

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s concrete gutters, also known as finlock gutters, were fitted to a vast amount of properties as they were deemed to be a great low cost and maintenance free system that sealed the cavity at the top of the brickwork without the need for fascias, soffits and lintels. Unfortunately, as the years have passed they have proved to be unreliable.

Concrete Gutters Causing Damp

With age and weather conditions gutters have deteriorated becoming porous or shifting position, leading to breaks in the joints between blocks allowing water to seep through. This has progressively damaged the concrete causing it to sag and break in some areas resulting in leaks into the wall cavity meaning costly damage to the interior and exterior of properties; this is not only unsightly but it is extremely unsafe.

Finlock Gutter Solutions

Repairing the leaks in the concrete with silicons will only last so long before the problem arises again. Therefore, the only permanent solution is to allow the experts at Seamless Guttering Company to improve the old, failing concrete system by installing an economical, leak-proof, seamless aluminium guttering liner. Our liners are one length of aluminium that is made on-site to fit the profile of your existing concrete gutter perfectly. We give a 10-year guarantee on all finlock liners installed.

Concrete Gutter Removal

Should you decide to remove your concrete gutters entirely then we can offer this service and install new seamless aluminium guttering.  Our aluminium gutters are roll-formed on-site to fit and being a continuous length of aluminium guttering you can rest assured there is no chance of leaks. With a guarantee of 20 years on new extruded aluminium guttering installed, you can trust that we offer the highest quality workmanship alongside the highest quality materials. So get in touch today with Seamless Guttering Company to stop the damp and the leaks for good.

Need an Agricultural, Industrial or Commercial Liner Installed?

Whether you are looking to install a new rainwater system or have an existing system that is leaking we have aluminium liners that are suitable for some agricultural, industrial and commercial properties.

Why use the Seamless Guttering Company?

  • We provide a 10 year guarantee on our profiled aluminium liners for concrete gutters
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Quality Assurance

The aluminium coils that Seamless Guttering Company install are covered under the BBA Standards certificate no: 93/2918 which gives a life expectancy of 30 years under normal environmental conditions along with regular maintenance and cleaning

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