Some years ago concrete gutters ruled the roost. This was because they were deemed to be the best at doing their job, since concrete is considered to be one of the strongest materials used in construction. However, over time, various problems were seen in these concrete or finlock gutters. They included:

  • Leaking at the joints
  • Bad aesthetics
  • Displacement at window sills
  • Poor thermal bridging

Before long, finlock gutters begun to break away from the inside, forming a phenomenon known as ‘Cold Bridging.’ This cold bridging ultimately forms a natural thermal insulation, which then makes your house somewhat like a deep freezer during the colder months.

We are a company specialising in concrete gutter removal. Your finlock gutter may be causing you a lot of problems and we are here to help you fix it.

To do this efficiently, we take apart your finlock gutters in a clean and systematic manner.

  • Once scaffolding has been erected around your house we can then access the roofline. The bottom row of tiles are removed safely and any windows are covered so that your house is not damaged.
  • The finlock gutter is then cut back to the brick line.
  • The roofline will now have sections of timber secured in place to allow fascia to be attached.
  • Fascia and/or soffit will be installed along with an eaves protector.
  • Our seamless aluminium guttering is then installed to ensure you have a perfect rainwater protection system for many years to come.

Why Soffit and Fascia?

Simply, these materials do not have the thermal insulation properties of concrete, and thus, do not allow water to enter your house. This prevents water from forming between your walls, and also prevents the damage and leakage that is bound to come with concrete gutters.

Soffits and Fascia are mostly constructed using materials like PVC and wood. However, if you are a person who is environmentally aware, then there is an eco-friendly option for you as well. Our aluminium fascia and soffit which along with being perfect for the environment is also easily maintainable and durable.

What You Can Do

Ensure that your gutters are regularly maintained and cleaned. If you see any issues, no matter how minor they seem, call an expert. Those same issues can become more troublesome in the future and cause further problems for you.

We do offer an alternative solution of a one-piece aluminium liner that will match the profile of your existing concrete gutter. This will keep your gutters leak free for many years. Although, if it’s a viable financial option for you, we would always recommend full concrete gutter removal for a permanent solution.