By far and away the most common type of guttering you’ll find installed on homes across the United Kingdom is the conventional, sectioned, plastic variety. This is largely due to the fact that most of the public aren’t aware that there are superior alternatives on the market.

In this blog, we look at one such alternative – continuous aluminium guttering, which despite being on the market for a number of years, is still largely unknown. By reading on, you’ll find out that whilst word might have not have gotten out about continuous guttering, it’s benefits can’t be denied.

Highly Durable

Standard plastic guttering costs less, sure, but you have to remember that you’re getting a cheaper product for your money. It’s one that typically loses its integrity under the strain of the British weather after a few years, becoming brittle and springing leaks. When you choose continuous guttering created from high grade aluminium, you’ll see where that extra money has gone, as you get a product that will last you decades, due to it being virtually impervious to the elements.

Heat Exposure

One reason why guttering needs to be durable is that a significant degree of expansion and contraction that occurs when the temperature changes, pushing uPVC guttering to its limits and beyond. Aluminium has much more of what’s known as a contraction/expansion coefficient, which means that it copes much better with these fluctuations of hot and cold.

UV Exposure

The sun can also be a formidable adversary to house guttering, even in the United Kingdom! Ultraviolet rays can severely weaken plastic guttering when combined with excessive heat. This double assault from the weather can cause plastic to deform, weakening both brackets and joints and causing leaks. Aluminium guttering doesn’t share this weakness and is largely unaffected by the weather at all.

Costs Less in the Long Run

You should view installing aluminium continuous guttering on your home as an investment, as its low maintenance characteristics result in an overall lower cost when viewed over even just a few years. Don’t forget that each time you install plastic guttering, you’re also paying labour costs, so it’s not long before aluminium guttering becomes the much better financial choice. And that’s before you even consider how great continuous guttering looks when installed.

Want to Know More?

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The quality of our products is undeniable, as the aluminium we use in our continuous guttering is BBA certified, meaning that when properly cleaned and maintained, you can expect it to last in excess of 30 years. If you’d like to know more about anything mentioned here, please take a look around our website, where you’ll find everything you need to know and more.

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