The installation of gutters might be one of the last things on your list when it comes to your home, but if you consider the role of the gutters, it will probably illustrate for itself how important they are for your house. Gutters essentially direct rain water from the roof and away from the building. However, if your gutters are not installed properly it could lead to leakages and water damage to the building structure.

But with a properly installed gutter system the gutters will seamlessly keep away rain water from your property. However, professionals know that gutter installation is not as easy as it sounds. You need to ensure they are fixed correctly to avoid holding standing water. They need to be securely fixed to the fascias and connected to downpipes for the continuous passage of the water.

Professional Installation

Gutter installation is not the job of an amateur, since the understanding of the right angle in which to install the gutter is essential.

  • Professionals thoroughly check your building’s requirements and the slope of your roof to calculate how to direct the gutters.
  • If the expanse of your roof is particularly steep or expanded over a large area, professionals might recommend you use above standard sized gutters.
  • Your fascias, roof etc. all needs to be checked before gutter installation to ensure your roof structure can be safe from damage in the best possible way through gutters.


It’s not only the installation, but before that you may need professional assistance to choose the right gutter type, style or thickness for your property.  This is the reason why selecting a well-reputed and reliable installer of gutters is essential so that even after installation, in case of any issues, you can readily seek assistance.

  • Cheapest isn’t always the best option. One of the biggest problems people experience when choosing services or goods is by going with the cheapest option. In reality, you get what you pay for. We often find that people compare the price of our aluminium gutters with the price of uPVC gutter installation. First and foremost, you are getting a product that is far more superior to plastic which will last many more years therefore saving money in the long term.
  • Check the experience of the gutter installation company. Even if the company is insured you still don’t want a novice working on your home. An experienced company with professional installers with adequate knowledge can offer you better assistance. You can trust the skilled team at Seamless Guttering Company. We do not cut corners when it comes to any of our services.
  • Is there a guarantee? When choosing between a few different companies you should ask if any of them offer a guarantee with their work. If the company offers a guarantee, they clearly stand by their work and are certain that their team can deliver the service and products you require. Seamless Guttering Company guarantee new gutter installations for 20 years and aluminium liners for 10 years.

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