If there’s one thing that there’s plenty of in the United Kingdom, it’s rain. It’s the reason why trees, bushes and grasses here are so rich, lush and green. So, with this much natural water available, it’s surprising that so many of us still use the mains water for our gardens, especially as rainwater is much purer than water you get from the tap, not having been through the local treatment plant and had chemicals added to it.

So, now that we’ve determined that rainwater is abundantly available and much better for your garden, we need to talk about how this natural resource can be harnessed and used to make your garden lush and well-watered all year round. The solution comes in the form of gutter rainwater collection, which can be used to channel this water into water butts for later use, rather than being simply lost down the drain.

The Associated Benefits of Collecting Rainwater

As well as being purer and kinder to the plants in your garden, there are a number of extra benefits to capturing and storing rainwater. They include:

  • Rainwater collection reduces your water bill, as you’ll not need to use the mains supply, especially good news if you’re on a metered supply
  • It minimises the amount of rainwater run off into the drain system
  • It means you can still water your garden, even if there is a hosepipe ban in place
  • Gutter rainwater collection is the most ecologically sound way to hydrate your thirsty garden when it needs it the most

Whatever size of garden you have, as long as you have a downpipe, there should be enough room to install a water butt and even if you don’t, one can be professionally fitted at a reasonable cost.

Aluminium Rainwater Products

At the Seamless Guttering Company, we are able to supply and install a variety of different types of aluminium guttering, aluminium downpipes and water butt connectors to allow you to setup your own rainwater collection system. When you invest in high-quality aluminium guttering, you do so knowing that it won’t become brittle and break, which is what often happens to types of traditional uPVC guttering.

There are other advantages to seamless aluminium guttering, such as:

  • There are no joints, which means no leaks
  • It’s available at an affordable cost
  • It’s an extremely low maintenance option
  • It’s resistant to corrosion
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing
  • Being manufactured from aluminium means that it’s 100% recyclable
  • It’s highly durable and comes with a 20-year guarantee

The weather in Britain can be pretty harsh sometimes, so if you want to avoid having to replace your guttering in a few years or you’d like to use rainwater collection to your advantage by hooking yours up to a water butt, you should take a look through our website www.seamlessgutteringcompany.co.uk. You’ll find lots of information here, as well as details of our full range of products.

If after having browsed through, you have some questions you’d like answering, you can give us a call on 01621 776228 and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Remember, the rain in the UK isn’t going to stop falling, so why not harness it with a rainwater collection system, reduce your water bills and be kinder to your garden at the same time.