Gutters may not at first glance be seen as the most important visual element of a property but first you should consider our typically wet British weather. If your gutters are not working properly then damage to your property can ensue, leaving the property looking old, tired and flaky whilst also leaving you with costly repairs to boot!  Get them right, and your guttering will not only protect your property from damage but will also provide an understated cosmetic addition to the overall aesthetics of your home.

Replacing your gutters?

If you are replacing the gutters of your property it is very important that you choose a highly professional guttering contractor in your area. Here at the Seamless Guttering Company we install seamless aluminium guttering that will truly complement the face of your home or business. They will also of course provide a robust rainwater protection system, for many years to come.

Why gutters are an essential part of your home or business?

Gutters are basically troughs that are connected all along the lower edges of a rooftop, they guide away any rain water that is present.  As rain falls onto a pitched roof it moves down and into the canal where it then flows into a downpipe. The guttering is designed to move water or debris to the ground and away from your house to protect it from any unwanted water penetration or damage.

Without guttering your property is vulnerable to water damage to the roof structure or fascia and soffit.  If rain water was to accumulate in one area on the ground it could also weaken the foundations which would then lead to costly damage to your home or business. Gutters are hardly noticed until they go wrong, correctly installed gutters are the unsung heroes of your home!

To ensure that you don’t have to worry about the pitter-patter of rain on your roof you do need to regularly maintain your gutters.  Leaves, debris, and other material can block up the gutter and must be removed so that water flows effectively.  Our seamless gutters are basically ‘fit and forget’ low-maintenance systems. The outside can simply be cleaned, where desired, with just a little soap and water.

History of gutters

Many years ago wooden gutters were created to aid the collection of rainwater for drinking, washing or for bath water.  During the 20th century steel began to be used because it was strong and fairly resistant to rot, unlike timber or other guttering materials.  Then, after the second World War, aluminium started to be used industrially because it was both robust and lightweight.

Next, during the 1960s, a machine was created that was able to roll a coil of aluminium through it that would form it into a long length of gutter.  Seamless aluminium gutters were born; a product that was able to be produced on-site to any length required to provide a professional custom fit for the property.

Seamless guttering

If you are faced with leakage issues with the guttering on your home then it is now the time to replace them with seamless gutters.  Seamless gutters are free of demarcations which make them highly functional and efficient in preventing water leakage, hence protecting the house from water damage. Choosing this longer lasting aluminium product will increase the curb appeal of your home too whilst remaining kind to the pocket.

These gutters are durable and they normally last for at least thirty years.  They are lightweight yet hard-wearing as they can stand up well to any weather conditions.  They are available in variety of colours so you can select the one that best suits your property.  The high quality seamless aluminium guttering we supply comes with an ogee profile that provides efficient drainage of water.

If you are looking to have seamless guttering installed on your property then the Seamless Guttering Company are professionals who specialise in the supply and installation of aluminium guttering along with aluminium downpipes and aluminium fascia and soffit to match.