Guttering is there to protect our home from rainwater but with it being open to the elements the collection of leaves, moss and other debris can clog the channels which in turn could lead to time consuming and potentially costly clearing of the gutters. The installation of leaf guard into the gutters improves the flow of water by catching any leaves and debris.

No More Blockages

If left unmaintained, clogged gutters can lead to dams being created in the gutter which impedes the flow of water that can cause it to overspill which not only causes problems with water pooling on the ground, damaging foundations, but it can also leak behind the gutter into the timber of your home’s fascia boards, soffits, eaves and into the walls.

A good leaf guard system will not only protect against these problems and allow for maximum drainage but will strengthen your gutters against anything Mother Nature can throw at them.

Cost Savings

You may think that installing a leaf guard is another costly expense but it is an affordable option and in the long run we promise it will save you money.

First of all, it saves time and money spent on having to clear-out blocked gutters. If you choose to clean your gutters yourself then having the leaf guard installed means not having to clean them so often.

Secondly, it will prevent any expensive damage to your home. Not to mention the cost of having to repair or replace your guttering should the weight of the debris cause them to break.

Protection for the Family

You shouldn’t underestimate the danger of clogging within gutters. The stagnant water could attract insects that thrive in high-moisture environments.

Decaying leaves and twigs combined with the standing water encourages the growth of mould and bacteria. This could trigger an allergic reaction in one of your family members or even cause damage to your timbers which in turn could result in the rotting of your home’s structure putting all who live there in danger.

Preventing Wildlife from Nesting

Leaf guard also creates a visible barrier which will hinder rodents or birds from turning your gutters into their new home. Often wildlife is a reason for needing to have gutter replaced because even a small nest in the channels can result in a collection of water that can cause your gutter to break under the weight of the extra water.

Increase the Value of your Property

Leaf guard is certainly an investment for your property. Prospective buyers like to know their potential new home has been well looked after and that the property they are purchasing has a low risk of damage through overflowing gutters.

No Need to Install New Gutters

Most leaf guards can be installed on your existing gutters so there is no need to invest in new guttering.

Although, if your gutters are in poor condition then it may be an idea to replace your guttering plus install a leaf guard so they can both work hand-in-hand to provide your home with the best protection.

Start Protecting Your Gutters Today

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