So who is the man behind it all? I hear you ask… well hello, my name is Keith.  I have to admit this is all a bit new to me.  I have never written a blog before, to be honest it’s the Mrs that usually helps with this kind of stuff on the website (no doubt she’ll correct my grammar and spelling over my shoulder soon enough) but I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and the Seamless Guttering Company in my own words, so here we go….

I am 36 years old and live where can only be described as the ends of the earth in a little coastal village in Essex. I live here with my wife and two baby girls.  I love roaring around in my go-kart or being up in the air on my paramotor in my spare time – anything that gets the adrenaline pumping a bit.  Think I’m just a big kid at heart!  But the only thing that allows me to enjoy doing these hobbies is my business, the Seamless Guttering Company.

I have been installing seamless aluminium guttering for several years now and after working with another company for a while, I decided I would take a leap and start my own business.  I bought myself a guttering machine, installed it in the back of my van and off I went; the Seamless Guttering Company was born.  I’ve worked hard to get things to where they are today and I’m proud of the many happy customers we’ve had who would testify to us being able to deliver good quality products and to an excellent standard.

As well as aluminium guttering we are able to provide aluminium or UPVC downpipes, aluminium or UPVC fascia and soffit, and we also install aluminium liners that will fit the existing profile of a leaking concrete gutter (finlock) or valley.  We carry out gutter repairs and offer a cleaning-out service as well.

Well hopefully that has given you a little insight to my personal life, our company roots, and what we provide. The intention of the blog is to help if you are researching the best rainwater protection system for your home or business and to give you a little insight into what we could do for you. We hope that the forthcoming blogs will keep you informed of what products and services we offer and we welcome any comments on our posts so we can continue to improve our site and our company.

We of course hope that you do choose the Seamless Guttering Company for any future projects you may have.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to post them below or email us at

Take care and we look forward to hearing from you