Primarily rain gutters are used to prevent rainwater from accumulating along the edge of the roof, since water accumulation leads to roof damage. But if for any reason you’ve had to remove old guttering and you believe they are now worthless and of no use, just wait a moment and read on, for there is versatility in these gutters and you can use them in multiple ways, creatively and usefully.

1. Plant Holders

You can effectively make use of gutters for beautifying your garden. Gutters are essentially shallow in their shape and can offer adequate space for small garden plants. You wouldn’t only have to use them in your garden but you can even fix them on your window ledges and enhance the overall aesthetic decor of your house as well as gear up your gardening spirit.


2. Seedling Protection

In areas where winters are severely cold and experience frost and snow fall, it becomes difficult to nurture and protects small seedlings in your garden. You can try building a shade atop your tender garden seedlings and plants by placing the gutter in an overturned position.


3. Cable Management

You can simply screw a long piece of gutter beneath your desk and avoid the wires and cords from creating that messy look on the floor or wall.


4. Bookshelf

Simply screw and fix pieces of gutter onto the wall, paint them with interesting contrasting shades and then your creatively designed bookshelves are ready. You could even use them in the kid’s room as racks to store their small toys, books etc.


5. Garden Table Cooler Box

Cut out a section in the middle of your garden bench or patio table and fix a gutter piece cut into the table. Now you can fill this gutter with ice cubes and keep your drink bottles chilled on those warm sunny days.


6. Spice Rack

The kitchen is place where you need maximum space and spices need to be placed in a convenient position. So why not make your own stylish spice rack with a piece of gutter.


7. Floating Candle Table Centrepiece

Place a gutter along the entire length of your table, colour it accordingly or decorate it and then you can add floating candles and create a lovely ambience for your guests.


8. Rock Garden Edging

You can also fill your rain gutters with decorative garden rocks and create artistic pathway edges in your garden.


9. Ribbon Storage

Use your rain gutters on your wall to place the ribbon spools which you can easily pull and spin from the gutter itself and store them as well.


10. Shed or Garage Storage

You could also use lengths of gutter in your garage to keep your tools or paints tidy and to hand in a custom-made rack.


Who knew there could be so many other possible uses for gutters!

We hope this article has given you a little food for thought on some creative uses for gutters in or around your home. If you are keen to try one of our suggestions but you’re not quite ready to take your gutters down just yet then don’t worry, Seamless Guttering Company can always roll-out a few metres of seamless aluminium from the machine for you.